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《最美的安排》觀後心得----The Review of the Collateral Beauty
by 金融 2020-12-31 06:54:55, Reply(0), Views(104)

Always Be Aware of the Collateral Beauty


        This is a brilliant movie that tells about life in an emotionally satisfying way. It portrays human life wonderfully.

      Love, time, and death, three fundamental constructs of our lives, three abstract concepts that affect us deeply and thoroughly, are the key part of the story. They were illustrated, explored, and questioned by the main characters in the film. From it, we can learn that all three of them are deeply connected with each other and our lives. Because there is no way to escape the end of our lives, we fear death, and thus we cherish the time we have. Because it is impossible to run away from the flow of time, we always try to live a wonderful life. At last, we can’t live a wonderful life without love, and because of love, we no longer fear death and passing of the times anymore. Love, time, and death, these three different concepts formed the ultimate rules of the human kind.

      More than the three basic constructs of lives, the movie also taught us a crucial principle, which is the topic of the movie, and that is every tragedy is accompanied with beauty. From the different stories of Howard, the protagonist, and the supporting characters, the film taught us that behind every tragedy, there is definitely the collateral beauty. Usually, the word “collateral” is often followed by the word “damage” or “casualty”. We mostly tend to overlook the beauty that is caused by the tragedy, as we are steeped in grief and sorrow.

       The three constructs are not absolute, they never diminish. They are in all the things, events, and people that are surrounding us. They are in all kinds of forms, changing our lives. Remember, in the midst of all the tragedies and the bitterness you face during your life, always keep an eye on the collateral beauty.