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短文合集-----Compilation of Articles
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To Study Abroad

In this globalized world, college students like us always have a dream of studying abroad. We all want to go somewhere else to expand our view of world. 

The reason that we have such thoughts may be that our parents and teachers always tell us that the only way to be more competitive is by studying abroad. Well, if somebody asks me that whether I want to study abroad or not, my answer would be positive. Because as a college student who majors in English, it would be best if I can study in English- speaking countries like the United Kingdom or Canada. By that, I can study English with people whose mother tongue is English, and I can expand my horizon instead of staying in this crappy small island. Moreover, I will be able to learn other things like their cultures, general way of life or the way they think about this world.

So, yes, I would like to study abroad if I’m able to do that, but I understand that not everyone is capable of doing such thing. Finance is the major problem, but still, I will try hard enough to be able to study abroad.


The Most Specific Gift

        When I was a child, my mother always told me that everyone in this world has a specific gift from god.

        Back then, I didn’t understand the meaning of that, probably it is because I was too young to understand the meaning of those words, I was not acknowledged what kind of gift I had. On the path of my life, I finally discovered the specific gift of mine, my unique talent. Back when I was in 8th grade, there was a stage show at the school looking for actors, and somehow I decided to join the show without thinking, like I was destined to do that, even though I had no experience. Of course, in the beginning my teachers and classmates wondered whether I was competent to do that or not. On the audition, I tried my best to portray the role, I was highly commended by the judges for my acting and thus earned the role

After the formal performance, all my classmates said they were amazed by my acting. Thus, I had finally discovered my own gift, my unique talent


The Difficulties I Have In Learning English

        I have been studying English for over 10 years. I still remember that I was confused by those English letters when I opened my English textbook for third graders for the first time .

        After 10 years of study, there are many things about English that I still need to learn, and I still have some difficulties in learning English. The biggest difficulty is grammar. Even though I am a college student already, English grammar is the door that I still can’t open. Whatever reason that makes me bad at grammar, it can’t stop me from trying to be expert in this language. I think that if I want to be good at grammar, I have to start from something simple and basic like verbs, and then move on to something harder, and so on. To do that, I need the help of my friends and family, good thing is that my father is pretty good at English, so I think that he could help me study English grammar.

        Foreign languages and literature are very difficult to study and I will try my best to be expert in English.


Smart Phones

        In this modern world, the evolution of technologies is changing faster than we have ever expected. So far, the most iconic invention in the 21st century is unarguably smart phones.

Smart phones have made a huge impact on our world since they were first introduced to the public. They completely change the society by their versatile skills and became an inseparable part of our lives. Although they give us a new way to deal with everything in our daily lives, they also cause some serious problems. Today, almost everyone has a smart phone, and many people depend on those electronic devices too much. They can’t do anything without their smart phones with them. This phenomenon has become a social problem. It seems that we are controlled by the devices we invented, and this is what we had never expected in the past. No one has ever imagined the incredible influence of smart phones.

Even though smart phones give us a lot of convenience, but they have turned us into the slaves of modern technologies as well. Maybe we should put down our phones for a moment and go for a walk in a park to enjoy the nature.


My Greatest Achievement

        Everyone has achieved something in their lives, from winning a small competition to receiving a Nobel Prize. Most people would talk about how many contests they have won whenever they are asked what their greatest achievement is, but mine is a little bit different from others.

        My greatest achievement is the moment when I decided to change myself. Since 7th grade, I had been the victim of bullying for 3 years. I still remember that my classmates always laughed at me whenever I made a mistake. They liked to make fun of my social disorder and isolated me during group discussion in class. I used to be the quietest one in the class, and I barely had friends when I was in junior high school, I felt hopeless in those days. After graduating from junior high school, I have decided that I need to make some changes.

I started exercising regularly in summer vacation, and I tried to be more active after entering the high school, and thus I had a great time in high school. The decision I have made is the greatest achievement in my life.