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老農與地---短篇 The Old Farmer and the Land---Shortened Edition
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The Old Farmer and the Land

---------S H O R T E N E D    E D I T I O N---------

(A Story that is happening right now)

In a beautiful land of south, there is an old farmer, who has been living in this fertile field since the day he was born. The old farmer spent most of his life on the soil. Every day, he gets up at dawn to work and comes back at sunset. He has been farming committedly for half a century.

        Even though it is tiring to take care of a farm, the old farmer never complains about it, he knows this farmland has been inherited in his family for generations. “It is a farmer’s duty to maintain the field” said the old farmer, he is contented with the lifestyle he has.  

        But life is not always as peaceful as he thought.

        On the evening of a pleasant day, the old farmer got back from the work as usual, soon he found out that there is a letter in the mailbox. The old farmer took it out, started reading it. As he reads, the old farmer realized that it was from the bureau of land management, stating that his land will be legally expropriated and turned into “commercial land.” Despite all the bureaucratic words, the old farmer knew it well that they mean that his farmland will be given to corporations to build one of those fancy shopping malls.

        At first, the old farmer was shocked for a little bit, but soon he calmed down. The fact is that the old farmer has expected the coming of this day. In his entire life, he has been watching his hometown gradually turns from a small village into a modern city. He has watched the city expanded. Years by years, the lands that used to be farms and woods are now factories and buildings. The green field that he familiar with has become a forest of concrete.

        But there is nothing the old farmer can do, he is just a simple neighborhood farmer. Before those politicians’ wild dream of “city development”, he is completely helpless. He can only accept the fact, the destined future that he is going to lose the land that he makes a living for.

     The old farmer put the letter aside and walked to the window. He leaned on the sill, looking at his farm. He watched the crops swinging by the wind. “oh my lord, Is this the destined fate of this land? Is this the only direction that we are going toward?” the old farmer immersed into contemplation as the sun fell down. With the silhouette of the city in the distance, the old farmer forlornly waits for the irreversible destiny.