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老農與地---初稿 The Old Farmer and the Land---First Draft
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The Old Farmer and the Land

(A Story that is happening right now)

      In the beautiful land of south, there is an old farmer, who has been living in this fertile field since the day he was born. The old farmer spent most of his life on the soil. Every day, he gets up at dawn to work and comes back at sunset. He has been farming dedicatedly for half a century. He is also an e knows a thousand kinds of vegetables. No one in the county knows more about farming than him.

        Even though it is pretty tiring to take care of a farm, the old farmer never complains about it. He knows that this farm is the land that his family has inherited for generations, it is the only and the most valuable property of his family. Although the old farmer is just a nobody in this society, he thinks that it is good enough for him to live. For decades, everything was peaceful.

        But changes always come unexpectedly, and those changes come all in a sudden. Neighbors call it a nightmare, the governors call it a hope, and the media call it the effects of urbanization.

On a pleasant morning, the old farmer received a letter, a letter from the county department of lands management, a letter that suddenly changed his peaceful life----His field is about to be expropriated by the government to be turned into a part of the new business district.

The old farmer was shocked when he reads the letter, he can’t imagine that his land, the only property of him, is going to be taken and become a fancy shopping mall. However, deep down in his mind, the old farmer knew that this day would come eventually.

In his entire life, he has watched his hometown gradually turned from a small village into a modern city. He had witnessed those farms and fields been taken and transformed into buildings and factories. He watched the towers raised up from the ground.

 Days by days, years by years, the city expanses and destroys all the nature around it. Somehow, the greenfield he familiar with has become a forest of concrete. Now, even the land of his is going to meet the same fate as the others. The old farmer sits on the couch in the living room staring at the letter for a long time. He keeps reading those words on the letter, again and again….  (To be continued)