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思國論---現狀章 序篇 The Reflection of the Nation---Current Conditions, Preface
by 金融 2020-06-17 21:21:43, Reply(0), Views(189)
     About 33 years ago, in 1987, the lift of the Martial Law means the advent of the new era of freedom. It wasn't until then that we built the proper democracy that we have today, but 33 years have past, people of Taiwan are still stuck in the swamp of political conflicts, trapped in the cage of consciousness. Struggling to earn a bit of peace in this chaotic world. 33 years have past, people are suffering from the unfairness in the justice system and labour relationships, suffering from the improper education system and conflicts between political parties.
    People nowadays have lost the ability to see things clearly, we have lost the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad. Our beloved country, the Republic Of China has fell into the endless canyon of chaos, and its 23 million citizens have fell into the abyss of madness. Realized that it is nearly impossible to return to the surface, and thus, millions have lost their hope, millions of people have lost their faith, lost their will to live on. But today, I say, do not despair, the painful sorrow and misery that are upon us right now is just passing of greed, it's just the bitterness of those politicians who only care about their own profits, who fear the progress of this society. Eventually, the storm will past and the dark clouds will fade away, so I say let us stand up together, let us fight together, let us unite as one. Individually we can do something, together we can do something more, more than we can imagine, together we can form an enormous power ---- the power of people ---- and we can use this power to reshape our society, we can use this power to crash the wall of unfairness and tear down the barrier of conflicts, we can turn this chaotic world into a better place. We have the ability to create machines, we have the ability to invent technologies and we have the ability to create a brighter future, a better and peaceful future where everyone is equal. 
    So let us fight to fulfill this dream. It is time for us to put off the fire of hatred and put down the weapons in our hands. Let us embrace each other and forgive each other, let us fight to achieve this goal. It is not just for us but for our children, our next generation as well. 
    Eventually, we can watch the sun rising up from the horizon of the east with the acclamation of freedom and peace. At that time, our dreams will not just be dreams.